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Eco-friendly flowers

Eco-friendly flowers

Q. We want our wedding to be as environmentally friendly as possible. How can we extend this to our flowers?

A. Kristie McCullough says: Sustainability and eco-friendly are words that we are all too familiar with now, so how do we extend this to your wedding flowers? It's not as complicated as it sounds. In terms of your actual flower choice, ensure they are seasonally available from British growers. This will eliminate the need to order from abroad, limit transportation, and not to mention packaging!

Hiring silk arrangements from your venue stylist and florist is the ultimate eco-friendly option. Many of these ranges are made and hired out time-after-time, so are "recycled" from one wedding to the next. Not only do they look great and very realistic, if professionally made, but it can be a cheaper option. If, however you don't want to compromise on fresh flowers, you can always find a florist that uses fresh moss and twine as an alternative to oasis, tape and plastic trays.

Other things you can do to help the planet are using recycled-glass jars for your fresh flower bouquets as centrepieces or decoration around the room. You can also give your loved ones fresh, biodegradable confetti for those all important photographs.

Your favours can also help save the bees with a wild seed mix. It will ensure bees and other wildlife will benefit from your choice and your guests will have a lasting reminder of your big day

Kristie McCullough, Sorella Florist & Event Stylist