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Let the shopping begin

Let the shopping begin

Q. When should I start looking for a wedding dress, and do you have any advice on how to go about my search?

A. Mandy Lee says: This is a frequently asked question, and the answer will depend on how far in advance you have booked your wedding. Nowadays to buy a stock wedding dress off-the-peg won't be mission impossible for brides living in big cities. However, we would still suggest allowing three months to do any last-minute bridal shopping, in case any alterations are needed, and to leave you some time to shop for bridal shoes and hair accessories.

For a bride who has planned far ahead, with one to two years before the wedding, we would suggest you visit a bridal boutique sooner rather than later. In our experience, starting dress shopping six to 12 months before the big day will give you enough time to find your dream dress and get it well fitted. Thanks to the well-established global bridal supply chain, manufacturing lead times are shorter than years ago. However, to get a decent gown, haute couture dress or a bespoke design, it still takes lots of time to make. The earlier you sort out your dress, the less stressed you will be closer to the wedding date.

There are many different ways to search for the perfect gown. Start by looking for bridal styles online and in magazines to get an idea of how you want your dream dress to look. Then search for local companies online, check their reviews and find the most trustworthy shops to start your fittings. Meanwhile, chat with your married friends and see if they can refer you to any stores.

All in all, visiting a quality bridal boutique will work better than visiting too many shops. Quality bridal shops with a wide range and flexible services will always give you more useful options, as well as save you time and make sure you enjoy your shopping experience.

Mandy Lee,June Peony Bridal


Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Q. I love pink and want to incorporate the hue into my wedding dress. Do you have any ideas of how I can do this without it being over the top?

A. Bronagh Power says: Firstly, if any of you lovely brides know our boutique, you'll know we love pink! Designers are beginning to incorporate different colours and shades into their creations, so it's a really exciting time to be buying your wedding dress.

Style 8953 by Justin Alexander is a gorgeous gown in a soft, subtle shade of pink. It has a vintage-inspired deep V-neckline with a pleated waistband and hand-beaded lace appliqués that float across the English net skirt. This style is also available in a raised neckline for those who want a little more coverage.

Our gorgeous 3D floral detail gown, Cruz, is the most amazing statement dress with a hint of pink. This gown is available in the misty mauve shade, which is a lovely soft tone.

If you aren't feeling daring enough to have colour in your wedding gown, then you could opt for a completely plain crepe gown coupled with a statement pink bouquet and bridesmaids' dresses. This will ensure your hue flows through the theme and you stand out.

Bronagh Power,TDR Bridal Birmingham


Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses

Q. My future husband and I are planning our wedding and I want the perfect dress, what styles and collection are set to be hot for 2020?

A. Caroline Vickery-Clark says: Firstly congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! Here at Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich, we're so excited for the 2020 wedding dresses designs, they're sure to impress. Some of the key styles and trends for 2020 are elegant simplicity, pretty necklines and extraordinary sparkle. Designers such as Aurora by Nicole and Romantica have created the most beautiful elegantly simple dresses. From completely plain mikado ball gowns to fitted crepe gowns featuring the most delicate lace, these dresses really allow brides-to-be to shine.

From Bardot necklines to V-necks and pretty spaghetti straps. These unusual and flattering necklines offer a modern alternative to the strapless gown and offering glamorous gowns for brides.

One of my absolute favourite trends for 2020 brides is extraordinary sparkle. Whether you like a little hint of sparkle or you want a dress which sparkles with every step the 2020 selection of wedding dresses feature sparkling sequins and elegant sparkle tulle. One of our favourite gowns is AUA20251 by Aurora, a beautiful tulle gown featuring the softest tulle with floral lace cascading through the dress which sparkles every time you move.

Caroline Vickery-Clark