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Magical moments

Magical moments

Q. We're thinking of booking a magician for our big day. What questions should we ask before booking?

A. Angus Baskerville says: Magic is a great icebreaker and will ensure your guests feel included on their special day, even if they have come on their own and know nobody.

When is the best time to use a magician's services?
That depends on the style of your wedding and the ambience you wish to create. A magician can mingle amongst the guests while the couples are having their photos taken and perform close up magic at the tables during the wedding breakfast and before the speeches.

What should we expect to pay?
It's always important to have a rough budget. Put together as much detail as possible about the number of guests, the venue, age ranges attending etc. Your supplier can then come up with a bespoke option that will work for you. Sometimes less is more! Lots of magicians offer packages that can be costly and cover the whole afternoon and into the evening proceedings. However, I always aim to be as flexible as possible and meet the clients' needs and can perform for shorter periods if required.

Do we have to pay travel costs?
Always ask this question as you may think you're getting a certain rate, but there may be costs to pay on top if your magician has to travel.

We would like music and magic at different stages of the proceedings.
Can you do a combined package? It's worth asking as some magicians and musicians can collaborate to cover the day. When the musician needs a break, the magician can take over, and vice versa. This all depends on your budget and the order of proceedings.

Why should we hire a magician?
Magic is always a winner – whether your wedding is an intimate affair or a large scale extravaganza! Just remember to brief your magician, so that you can leave them to it on the day – you may even have VIP guests to who you would like to have extra special attention. Anything is possible!

Angus Baskerville, Angus Baskerville Magician


It's showtime!

It's showtime!

Q. We're having a much smaller wedding than we first planned, but we still want impressive entertainment. How can we find the perfect supplier?

A. Angus Baskerville says: There are many positives to a more intimate event with just your closest friends and family. Smaller numbers can bring the wow factor with magical entertainment, where every guest is made to feel almost as special as the bride and groom.

A magician can provide close-up tricks in between courses as there is generally a more relaxed vibe at a smaller wedding. Everyone gets more time to take it all in and make important memories.

Magic is perfect for when the photographs are being taken, as the bride and groom don't need to feel pressured to hurry back to their guests.

Children love magic and do tend to get bored during speeches. Have you considered booking a side room for the youngest ones to hang out? If there are children, organise a short magic show while the speeches take place.

Before booking, decide on a budget and inform your supplier so you can discuss your requirements. I have performed at different types of weddings, both in terms of theme and numbers of guests, and I always advise my couples on what will work best for their circumstances.

Angus Baskerville, Angus Baskerville Magician

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