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Pets at weddings

Pets at weddings

Q. My wife-to-be and I want to incorporate our beloved dog into our Christmas-themed wedding. Do you have any ideas on how we can do this?

A. Jacqueline Smith says: Firstly, you're not alone in your wish to include your cherished dog at your wedding. It's fast becoming a popular trend and consequently, more venues are now pet friendly.

As a wedding day dog specialist, I have helped many couples include their beloved pet at their wedding. My daughter actually started my business idea off when she asked me to handle her pooch, Spencer, on her big day. Depending on where you're getting married, you can arrange for your dog to be your ring bearer. Some churches will allow this but not all. This is where I suggest you hire the services of a chaperone. It will take all the stress out of the day if you have someone dedicated to looking after your furry friend.

Alternatively, you could have them there for wedding photographs. With the help of a chaperone, none of your guests will spend the day worrying about looking after them.

Many couples love to see their pooch arrive all groomed and wearing a flower collar or a silk bow tie with a matching harness and lead.

I would say three hours is probably the maximum amount of time for your dog to be with your wedding party. Once dinner is served, your chaperone can depart with your pup to your chosen carer so you can enjoy the rest of your night knowing they're taken care of.

Jacqueline Smith, Quintessential Wedding Day Dogs


Four-legged friends

Four-legged friends

Q. We'd love to involve our beloved pooch in our nuptials how do we go about this and what do we need to consider?

A. Emma and Ade says: Emma and Ade say: Here's our tips for a stress-free dog-friendly wedding:

- Hire a professional and experienced wedding dog chaperone.

- If you wish to include your fur baby, ensure that you book a dog-friendly wedding venue or one with an outside area for photographs.

- Ensure that all guests will be aware that a dog is attending the wedding, in case of allergies. A lovely idea is to send out a 'save the date' card featuring a photo of your dog.

- You may wish your dog to simply be a guest of honour at your wedding but if you'd like them to play a specific role in the ceremony, think carefully about how this will work. Popular choices are a dog ring bearer or a dog flowergirl but ensure that your pet has the right temperament to cope with all the attention.

- Rehearse as much as you can with your dog before the big day and leave ample time to practice during the actual rehearsal.

- If you're considering a special dog wedding collar or accessory, make sure that it's safe and comfortable for your dog. Certain flowers or foliage can be poisonous to dogs so it is vital to check.

- Let your wedding photographer know that you're planning on bringing your dog to your wedding. This will ensure that they're ready to capture your adorable pet in action and come up with some great fun ideas for wedding photos.

- At busy times our wedding pet chaperoning service as is very much in demand. To avoid disappointment we advise booking this service soon as possible.

Emma and Ade, Precious Pets Weddings

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