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Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Q I'm a groom-to-be and want to be involved with the planning process. Do you have any tips?
A Katy Osborne says: Here are some things to consider when planning your big day:

Groomsmen – The groom chooses his best man and ushers. Just be wise when choosing your best man; you want someone fun, but they also have to be responsible as well. Don't be pressured into choosing someone you don't want.

Guestlist – Who are your must-haves on both sides? Start by writing a list of those who must be invited from your side and then begin on your second tier. You will be responsible for obtaining all addresses that your partner may not have. It's also your responsibility to track down missing RSVPs from your side of the guest list and any missing menu choices, if applicable.

Attire – What you and your groomsmen wear will depend on your wedding colours and the formality of the event. Make sure the outfits complement what the bridesmaids are wearing and doesn't overshadow you and your partner. If you all opt for the same or similar suits, I'd suggest the groomsmen have the same ties and being the groom, you should have something more unique.

Gifts – Thanking bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents for their help, support and appreciation is a wedding tradition. Personalised gifts with your wedding date or thank you note are very popular but as to what you get them will really depend on their interests, so give this some thought.

Vows and speeches – If you're writing your vows, please don't wing them! When it comes to your speech, you should thank your guests for coming, everyone at your wedding party, maybe add a note to your partner and you could even tell the story about how you met. Just remember to keep your speech short and sweet.

Host – Your wedding day will be one of the most important, meaningful and memorable days of your life. Wake up early and enjoy taking in every moment.

Katy Osborne, KOVA Business Support

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