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Put a ring on it

Put a ring on it

Q. What are the latest wedding ring trends?

A. Shari Francis says: We have seen wedding ring trends change a lot over the years. People are putting a lot more thought into what their perfect wedding ring will look like. Gone are the traditional wide matching rings and instead couples are choosing what they love and are excited to wear for the rest of their lives.

Yellow gold has come back in a big way, and we're seeing more feminine styles with small diamond accents that are encase around the engagement ring, often shaped with fans or floral designs.

For men, we're seeing dark metals, often black with a hint of gold or silver running through. Metal trends are titanium, palladium and tungsten, with hard wearing and practical being the way forward for men choosing the perfect ring.

Selecting your ring can be overwhelming, so it's always best to go into a store and try on as many as you can. Your jeweller will advise what looks best and help you find the perfect style that you will cherish for life.

Shari Francis, Francis & Gaye Jewellers