Ritz Diamonds has undergone a refurbishment

Outside Ritz Diamonds Ritz Diamonds, a Birmingham-based engagement ring specialist, has undergone a refurbishment. 

"We have completely modernised the boutique to provide a comfortable luxury space for potential customers to trust us when it comes to purchasing their engagement rings and jewellery in general," says Sunny Pal from Ritz Diamonds. "We have also taken the mission statement to provide sustainable alternatives to natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are now becoming our speciality, providing consumers with a high-quality diamonds that doesn't damage the environment and gets rid of any uncertainty that could be occurring with the supply chain of natural mined diamonds. There is no difference in the way lab diamonds sparkle when compared to natural diamonds, they are just at a better value in terms of expense.

"Lockdown has made us realise that family is very important, therefore we have started providing a sustainable discount for those couples that already have previous diamonds in their sentimental jewellery to come in and implement it into their new engagement ring if they wish to.

"Our next step will be planting trees for every engagement ring sold, done by using a percentage of our profit to do so, this means that even though we will plant these trees, we would not increase the price for our customers, as providing that perfect engagement ring is what gives us the joy to do what we are doing. We hope to see you in our boutique to trust us in making your perfect engagement ring."

To find out more about Ritz Diamonds, visit www.instagram.com/ritzdiamonds

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