5 autumnal tablescape tips from Staffordshire manufacturer Burleigh Pottery

tablescape setting with central table runner, ornate green and white plates and ivy running down the middle Looking to bring beauty and elegance to your seasonal wedding celebration? In this article Kate Cartwright from the luxury tableware brand Burleigh Pottery shares her top tips for creating a stunning autumnal tablescape for the big day.

While summer weddings have long been considered the norm, autumn weddings are becoming more popular in recent years, and it's easy to see why. As well as usually being better value for money, you're also less likely to run into the scheduling conflicts which occur in the busy summer months. But it isn't just the practicalities which make this season a great time of year to tie the knot. From the stunning seasonal colour palette to delicious autumn dishes, there are so many great ways to incorporate this time of year into your big day.

If you're looking for some inspiration for creating an autumnal atmosphere at your wedding reception, read on to discover five tips on how to create the perfect seasonal tablescape.

Choose an on trend colour palette
It's important to spend plenty of time considering the colour palette for your tablescape. Not only is choosing the right one vital for your seasonal theme, but the tablescapes will likely feature heavily in your wedding photographs, so they need to look great. The good news is that there are so many gorgeous autumnal shades to choose from, so you should be able to find a palette which works for your event. When choosing your colour palette, it's a good idea to consider your overall theme for the event too. For example, copper and forest green work perfectly with a vintage theme, and they're beautiful seasonal shades too. For a romantic-themed wedding on the other hand, burgundy, mocha, and gold shades are gorgeous autumnal options.

 tablescape with lots of little blue and orange pumpkins with blue and whit crockery Create an autumnal floral centrepiece
While the spring and summer months are often considered the best seasons when it comes to creating floral arrangements, there are actually a wide selection of elegant and unique autumnal flowers which are frequently overlooked. Flowers such as dahlias, pansies, sunflowers, and purple fountain grass are all beautifully vibrant, and the perfect way to bring a splash of colour to the tablescape. Or if you're looking for more subtle shades, opt for flowers such as light pink amarines and freesias.
Once you've decided on your floral centrepiece, make sure to find appropriate receptacles to display your arrangements in too. Don't feel the need to stick with a simple vase. If you want to push the boat out, opt for something unique and fitting of your theme. For example, you may want to display a bouquet in a jug if you're opting for a rustic theme. Or for something a little quirky for a vintage wedding, display your floral centrepiece in a stylish teapot.

Opt for candlelight for a romantic feel
If you're looking to create the perfect romantic atmosphere with your tablescape, candles are an absolute must. Candles are great at giving your table setting a touch of elegance, and they give off a soft and gentle light, which is great for creating an intimate atmosphere. The great thing about candles is that they work with whatever wedding theme you choose. For example, with a minimalist-themed wedding, you can display the candles in simple yet elegant candleholders. Or for rustic weddings, you may prefer to display a few tea lights in bespoke tea cups with matching saucers.

tablescape setting of blue and white plates with leeks down the middle on a table runner Incorporate natural autumnal materials
Bring the best of autumnal nature to your tablescape by using natural seasonal materials. Not only is this one of the best ways to incorporate the season into your table display, but there are so many different ideas to try out, some of which you can even craft yourself. To give you some inspiration, here are a few natural seasonal materials, and ideas for how to use them:

  • Leaves: The colourful leaves are one of the best things about this beautiful season. To make the most of them, use the leaves in your tablescape decoration. A great way to do this is by creating your own table runner made of foliage. As well as autumnal leaves, you could include, twigs, berries, and flowers. Another option is to create an autumnal wreath with leaves instead to place around your main centrepiece.
  • Pumpkins: Not only does this fruit make delicious autumnal food, but it can be used in your display too. One great idea is to thoroughly hollow and rinse out the pumpkin and use it to display your beautiful floral arrangement in. Or for an easier option, simply use an array of pumpkins varying in size and arrange them on the table to create a seasonal display.
  • Pinecones: One of the things that just scream autumn. And as they look great as they are, you don't need to do much with them to create your display. You could simply fill a decorative bowl with pinecones and leave it there. But if you're up for putting in a little work, you could paint them autumnal colours before displaying them, such as dark red, forest green, and gold.

 autumnal tablescape of a mug with pumpkins Include a seasonal grazing table
Keep guests happy while impressing them at the same time by creating a fabulous and flavourful seasonal grazing table. This is a great way to present your food in style, and it allows your guests to help themselves to the bits they want and leave the bits they don't. Plus, there are so many great seasonal foods to choose from, so you and your guests are bound to end the evening satisfied.

ured meats are a great option for any grazing table, so make sure to include foods like prosciutto and salami.Crackers also work well, and can be paired with tasty dips such as hummus or a seasonal pumpkin dip. And don't forget about the sweet stuff too! Apple is a delicious autumnal fruit, and can be included in a variety of ways, such as in apple and cinnamon scones, dried apple crisps, or in the form of caramel stuffed apples. And don't forget to serve the spread in style.

Provide guests with sturdy and stylish tableware to enjoy their delicious food on. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, so having a seasonal wedding is a great opportunity to incorporate it into your big day. If you use the tips above, you should easily be able to create an elegant and stylish tablescape for your seasonal celebration.

Check out: burleigh.co.uk

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