How to choose the perfect wedding dress for an autumn wedding

Bride models dress in front of mirror at dress fitting Q – What styles and fabrics would you suggest for an autumn wedding?

"I recommend speaking with your local boutique about your venue, theme, body shape and then try on styles that make you feel amazing. Choosing a dress is unlike anything else you’ve done before, so it’s hard to generalise all autumn-themed weddings. Consider the weather and choose a slightly heavier fabric. A favourite of mine is Mikado, which is a blend of silk that feels incredibly soft! Alternatively, heavy crepe is a popular look. GAIA Bridal is one of our favourite designers, and her crepe gowns teamed with beaded lace are beautiful.

"Do you want sleeves, or have you considered detachable versions? This would create two looks in one, and you can choose which one you wear based on the weather.

"Consider a train. Although these can be beautiful and are a real showstopper, if you’re outside, it may get dirty quite quickly!

"When it comes to your shape, the choice is completely personal, and you’ll know when you try a style if it’s the one. There are many factors to consider when choosing a gown, but I truly believe if you try a dress and you love it, then all practicalities go out of the window."

Georgina Thompson 
Wedding dress expert

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