How to incorporate colour into your wedding dress

Wedding dress Q – I want to wear a colourful wedding dress. What should I look for?

"Here at TDR-Bridal Birmingham, we love a splash of colour! Not only is it a great way of expressing your personality, but it can also pull together your theme and if done right make a beautiful aesthetic for your guests that they’ll remember for years to come. Many dresses come with colour options, so if you find a design you love, check if there’s a way of incorporating your chosen hue into the design. Always ask your boutique for their opinion and what the options are before you buy, as there may be a way to add some amazing beadwork or three-dimensional flowers, which are on trend right now. It may be something as simple as a bow or belt, there are lots of different ideas depending on the design you choose.

"It’s always important to think about how to incorporate the colour into other parts of your wedding or décor so that you get a really cohesive theme. Another thing to consider is what flowers you want. Do they come in the hue you’re looking for and do they complement your gown? All too often blooms can be overlooked until the last minute, and if it’s not an exact shade your chosen, then it may end up looking a little mismatched. Fundamentally introducing colour is fab, just do your homework first and ensure you plan everything down to the last detail, taking as much advice from the experts around you as possible."

Rebecca Baddeley
Wedding dress expert

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