We interview Warwick Shire Horse Carriages

We interview Warwick Shire Horse Carriages We interview Kevin Morris from Warwick Shire Horse Carriages.

Q – Tell us about your company.
"I grew up on a farm in the West Midlands, when I was younger, my father brought a pair of Shire horses to use on the farm, from this my love of horses and the Shire horse, in particular, was born. Commonly known as Gentle Giants, they are a majestic breed, and being able to work with them is a real privilege. I now own four Shire horses and run the family business from our base in Warwickshire, providing horses and carriages for weddings, funerals and demonstrations. Part of my love for these horses is their versatility. When not working we can be found out on the County Show Circuit, here I have one of the best show teams in the Midlands, and we also attend ploughing competitions in the autumn."

Q – What do you offer couples for the big day?
"Exclusivity and individuality! We tailor our service to suit individual couples as no two weddings are the same. Couples are invited to visit our stables to meet the horses and view the carriages, and we can discuss exactly what they want. For our horses' well-being, we do limit the distance they can take you, but this has never proven to be a problem. I won’t book more than one wedding in a day, which some car and other horse-drawn companies will do. This means that we are not rushing you through the photographs."

Q – What should couples expect when booking your services?
"We offer a very experienced and professional service and take great pride in our clean and well turned out appearance. This is one of the most important days in our couples lives, so we treat it as such."

We interview transport company Warwick Shire Horse Carriages Q – How long before the wedding should couples book?
"We have noticed over the last few years that bookings are coming in later and later, five years ago we would be getting bookings two years in advance, now they tend to be for the same year. Some dates are more popular so they will get booked quickly, so I guess sooner rather than later is the answer, but we also take on the ‘last-minute’ bookings as well if we have availability."

Q – Do you have any advice for couples affected by COVID-19?
"It has been a very tough year for so many people, and I feel for those couples who had their big day planned and either had to postpone the date or cancel aspects of the wedding that they had been dreaming of. Next year will be better, and for those couples still dreaming of a carriage ride, we are always available for hire."

Q – What are your top tips for couples?
"Organise the wedding you want, don’t try to please everyone. The most frequent comments we get from the newlywed couples is how relaxing the drive from wedding to reception is. It gives them a chance to be together, breathe, and take some time out for themselves before the bustle starts again."

To find out more, visit www.wshcarriages.co.uk or call 07984 744 518.

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