We interview local photographer, Leanne Brookes from LB Photography

We interview local photographer, Leanne Brookes from LB Photography We spoke to local photographer, Leanne Brookes from LB Photography to find out more about her business.

Q – Tell us about your background – how did you become a wedding photographer?
"I don’t really have much of a background when it comes to photography. Growing up, I was always the creative one, never the academic child. To be honest, I wanted to be a vet when I was little, then I wanted to act (I loved drama at school), so I went to college and studied Performing Arts and Dance, and it was at college where I found out I was dyslexic, which made sense! I went on to university and photography was never on my radar, even though I did take a lot of photos!

"It probably wasn’t until my daughter was born that the obsession for taking photos grew (which happens with every parent I think!). I have slowly got better cameras and started taking photos of landscapes and nature while trying to get better photos of my daughter. Then one day someone said 'you should do weddings' and I thought, 'why not?!'

"The first wedding I ever attended as a photographer was in 2016, two years before I set up LB Photography, for some parents at my daughter’s school. I remember feeling so nervous, but as soon as I started, I loved it! It was such an incredible feeling, and I just knew I had to do more. It did take me a while, with a few mistakes along the way but I set up my Facebook page in February 2018, got myself working alongside a videographer for a while, did a few wedding shows, and it snowballed from there!"

We interview photographer, Leanne Brookes from LB Photography Q – What packages do you offer couples?
"I offer five different packages, that hopefully suit a range of needs and budgets. All my packages are named after pretty flowers and the full details can be found on my website."

Q – What should couples expect when booking your services?
"They should expect a relaxed, friendly and fun photographer. I like to keep the posed photos to a minimum as I loved to capture the more natural moments between people."

Q – How long before the wedding should couple book?
"With everything that's going on at the moment, I would say as soon as you can. There have been lots of postponements and date changes  for couples that have been affected by COVID-19. I would say, if you find someone you like and that goes with any supplier, get in touch with them as soon as you can."

We interview local photographer, Leanne from LB Photography Q – What's your favourite wedding that you've photographed and why?
"Now, this is a hard one! I love all the weddings I capture so much, and I feel honoured when couples pick me to be part of their day. However, the two weddings that I did at the start of 2020 before lockdown hit stick in my mind. They were both in February and a couple of days apart but so completely different. The first wedding was for a wonderful couple who booked me in 2018 when I first set up LB Photography. I was so excited for this wedding as it was my first wedding of the decade and the first where I was able to use my new camera (I had just upgraded to a Nikon D850) from start to finish. I felt like I was part of their family, they made me so welcome and the day was everything a wedding should be.

"The other wedding, which was a few days later, will stick with me forever. It was organised through the amazing charity, Gift a Wedding. All the suppliers involved, including myself, gave up their time and services for this extremely loving couple. I can’t put into words how watching the bride and groom together made me feel, it was so sweet and tender. It was a bittersweet day, but I feel lucky and privileged that I was able to be part of it and capture those moments for the couple and their families."

We interview photographer, Leanne from LB Photography Q – What's your favourite part of the job?
"All of it. I know that sounds a bit corny, but I honestly love my job. I love getting to know my couples leading up to the day, so I will keep in touch to see how they are and how planning is going. I love watching the day unfold, seeing all the emotions change, the reactions of the couple when they see each other for the first time, and then when the evening hits it's so much fun. Then when I edit the photos, I get to relive it all again."

Q – Do you have any top tips for couples looking for a wedding photographer?
"Find the person who you feel most comfortable around, that you get along with. Yes, do your research, look at their photos, read reviews etc, but meet up with the photographer. Spend time with them and have a chat (I love doing this. I met up with a bride after a wedding fayre at Costa and we spent nearly three hours together, talking about all sorts. It was so wonderful to get to know her and her partner). I say to all couples I talk to or meet up with, that it's so important to have someone you feel comfortable around. They will be with you most of the day so you must get along with them."

To find out more about Leanne and to see some of her work, visit www.leanne.photography or call 07591 614 472.

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