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Seasonal fare with Caviar & Chips' head chef Mike Scott

Seasonal fare with Caviar & Chips' head chef Mike Scott: Image 1 Warwickshire's Caviar & Chips showcased a brilliant seasonal menu offering in the Jul/Aug issue of Your West Midlands Wedding magazine as part of our Hot Topic panel; unfortunately we couldn't use the whole menu in the magazine, however, luckily for our readers, here's the inspirational seasonal winter wedding menu in full - enjoy!

Q: We had planned a summer wedding which we have now postponed to December meaning we now need to rethink our menu choices. What do you suggest we could choose for the time of year and it now being a sit-down meal rather than sharing bowl food.
A "It's really disappointing for many couples who have had to postpone their wedding day this spring and summer – it's great to hear from couples that have been able to re-arrange their wedding day for this year though and a winter wedding will be just as beautiful and special," shares owner Marc Hornby. "Head chef at Caviar & Chips, Mike Scott, has put together a delicious three-course menu that gives guests a choice between a meat, fish and vegetarian or vegan dish using some fresh and seasonal ingredients that will be perfect for this time of year:"

Starter course
Chicken & Black Pudding Terrine | Served with Piccalilli Vegetables, Celeriac & Frissee Salad & Toasted Ciabatta
The roasted chicken is light but flavoursome, paired with earthy, rich black pudding, set in chicken stock. This is a lighter winter dish for the starter course, taking into account the heavier dishes to come. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean guests don’t want to get up and dance after eating! The vegetables - cauliflower, carrot, courgette, cucumber & baby onions - are lightly pickled in a piccalilli liquor, to cut through the richness of the terrine. Frissee is a slightly bitter, light and crisp winter leaf and the celeriac adds another dimension.


Seasonal fare with Caviar & Chips' head chef Mike Scott: Image 2 Smoked Haddock Fishcake | Served with Mustard Creamed Leeks
This is a simple classic. Smoked Haddock inside a crisp exterior, sat on a bed of rich, soft, creamy leeks with a hit of Wholegrain Mustard - a real winter warmer!

Breaded Camembert | Served with Fig, Pickled Red Onion, Rocket & Hazelnut Salad
A bite of crispy breadcrumbs, revealing soft, gooey rich Camembert is a treat at any winter table! The fruitiness of the fig balances beautifully with the cheese, and the pickled onion provides a cutting acidity that the dish needs.

Main course
Loin of Venison | Served with Potato Fondant, Bacon & Hazelnut Savoy, Parsnip Purée & Blackberry Jus
Venison is a fantastic, rich and strong-flavoured meat, and the Loin is a wonderful cut. The soft potato, infused with stock works really well and the smokiness of the bacon, combined with buttery cabbage and the texture of hazelnut makes for a playful and interesting garnish. The sweetness from the parsnip adds a difference in both flavour and texture, and the way a purée can be added to accentuate any particular mouthful you choose is a thing of beauty for me personally. Finally, the acidic, fruity blackberry infused into a rich, sticky, meaty Jus finishes the dish perfectly.

Seasonal fare with Caviar & Chips' head chef Mike Scott: Image 3 Pan Fried Cod Fillet | Served with Chorizo & Chickpea Stew, Crispy Kale & Lemon Aioli
This is another warming, hearty dish. The crispy skin combined with the soft, buttery flesh of the Cod is a true pleasure. The smoky chorizo with its warming heat adds a kick to the chickpeas and tomatoes in the stew. A lemon aioli helps to bring the flavours together while also adding levity, and the crispy kale brings a crisp texture, but almost disappears as soon as it enters your mouth.

Mushroom & Leek Crumble | Served with Sage & Parmesan Crumb, Pickled Mushroom, Herb & Crispy Shallot Salad
This is a really hearty dish and packed with flavour and texture that can often be absent in a typical vegetarian or vegan dish. Leeks and mushrooms cooked down with a thick, intensely flavoured sauce is moreish, and the herby, fragrant crumble topping is a perfect accompaniment. To lighten the dish, a mix of vibrant herbs and crispy shallots both aids the flavour and texture of the dish, while providing some respite from the heaviness.

Seasonal fare with Caviar & Chips' head chef Mike Scott: Image 4 Dessert
Mulled Winter Fruits | Served with Grand Marnier Cream, Orange Crisps & Spiced Caramel
Winter wouldn't be the same without Mulled Wine - the sweet spices and acidity of the wine bringing a smile to those who sip down the warming drink. For this dessert, I've used it to gently poach winter fruits, and then reduced the liquor to become thick, sweet and syrupy. The Grand Marnier cream adds zing and zest, as well as a lightness to those rich fruits. Orange crisps provide crunch and orange works so well as a winter ingredient - which is why orange is synonymous with Christmas. The spiced caramel is allowed to set, before being crushed almost to a powder, and generously scattered over the dish.

White Chocolate & Winter Berry Bread & Butter Pudding | Served with Raspberry Sorbet & Candied Pistachios
This warm dish is sweet, rich and deliciously textured, as any Bread & Butter Pudding fan will know! It's rich and therefore needs some balance, so a tart, cold Raspberry Sorbet hits the spot. Temperature contrast is a wonderful element to any dish, especially desserts. The pistachios bring texture and an almost savoury touch to the dish.

Salted Caramel Tart | Served with Dark Chocolate Truffle, Honeycomb & Toffee Sauce
This Tart is great, simple as that! A set tart comprised of lightly textured salt caramel, but with a real punch, encapsulates the experience of the heartiness that winter demands, without leaving your guests feeling overwhelmed at the end of their meal. A rich, Dark Chocolate Truffle is a little touch of indulgence and luxury, and the honeycomb brings a sweet, caramel crunch to balance the dish’s softness.

For more menu inspiration visit www.caviarandchips.co.uk or check out the social media pages @caviarandchips

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