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Happily ever after

Carly and Vlad met like most modern couples online. "We went for drinks and didn't want the date to end," says Carly. "I think we ended up drinking seven glasses of Diet Coke each! I loved how kind he was, that we wanted the same things in life, how handsome he was and that we both liked travelling."

Vlad popped the question during a trip to Disneyland Paris. "I'm a big Disney fan, so we decided to go for my birthday," shares the bride.... read more

One fine day for Jade and Paul

Jade and Paul met through mutual friends. "I think it's fair to say I was persistent," laughs Jade. "Over time our relationship blossomed, and in November 2018, Paul proposed. It was a total surprise to me! We were visiting Bermuda for my 30th birthday and were playing miniature golf and having a few cocktails when Paul popped the question. Following this, we went onto New York for a four-day stay before returning home for my birthday."... read more

Fun in the sun

Beth and James met at a bar in London. "I was studying at university, and James had recently moved there for a graduate scheme," says Beth. "We started chatting to each other, exchanged numbers and then met a week later in Covent Garden. That was in 2013, and we've been together ever since!" James popped the question during a camping trip in May 2018. "We went to the New Forest, and after setting up our tent, we went for a walk in the countryside," shares the bride.... read more

Matthew and Luzio: The one for me

Matthew and Luzio met on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. "Matthew was advising someone about his allergies, but the person didn't speak English," says Luzio. "I stepped in to translate, and we got talking. We had our first date later that evening and were instantly attracted to each other."... read more

Nothing can tear us apart

Gill and Simon first met in Bognor Regis in 2001. "Simon was visiting for work," says Gill. "He was staying at my local pub, and we got chatting over a game of pool. He was only due to stay for one more night, so we made plans to go into town that evening. The next day instead of heading home, he decided to stay. We remained in contact for several months over the phone, and in December of that year, a bunch of beautiful lilies were delivered to the travel agency where I worked. I realised then that he'd been thinking of me and how kind and thoughtful he was. We continued to have a long-distance romance for the next three years, travelling 160 miles either way at every opportunity we had. We quite often got up at 4:30am on a Monday morning to travel home for work so we could have a few more hours together. I decided to move to Warwick in 2005, and we've since moved to Leamington."... read more

Martha and Daniel: The love of my life

Martha and Daniel met at a pub in Meriden. "Since that first meeting, we've been inseparable," says Martha. "We met up every day following our first date and found we had lots in common. We love rugby, with Dan supporting Wasps RFC and me supporting Exeter Chiefs, so we spent our third date at a local game." Daniel popped the question during a trip to Rhodes for Martha's birthday. "The day before my birthday we went quad biking and planned to drive down to Lindos, but it was so hot, and the bike was quite slow, so we didn't make it," shares the bride. "Dan then suggested we go back out in the evening, which I thought was strange but went along with it.... read more

A perfect match

Romilly and James met through a mutual friend at a party. "James was flying to Thailand in the early hours so apart from a quick introduction we didn't really have time to talk," says Romilly. "We met again on a night out and eventually had our first date four months later. We liked each other straight away, and it felt right being together."... read more

Time for tea

Charley and Daniel met online. "I was hardly using the dating site at the time and popped online out of boredom," says Charley. "There was a message from Dan saying he knew who I was, which intrigued me. We exchanged messages before agreeing to go on our first date. We went bowling as we didn't want to have an awkward dinner." Daniel popped the question in February 2018. "We were in the front room of our flat," shares the bride.... read more

Made for two

A bicycle made for two; and the theme of the day for Rachel and Robert. Passionate cyclists Rachel Vann and Robert Nicholls met through their local cycling club, and while on, of course, a cycling holiday in the Pyrenees, South of France in September 2018 Robert took this opportunity to pop the question.... read more

Our rustic romance

Rhian and Craig's autumnal-themed do was styled to perfection. Rhian and Craig's story began all the way back to childhood, Craig's best friend at primary school was a close family friend to Rhian! "This meant many birthday parties would have been attended by us both in the early years of our childhood," recalls Rhian. "However, it wasn't until later in life whilst both working together at Vodafone that we really started to notice each other." What began as gentle chit-chat and flirting on one particular night out (Friday 13th of all dates!), romance blossomed and they never looked back!... read more

A monster mash up

Hannah and Todd combined classic elegance with a Halloween theme, check out this spooktacular celebration. Hannah Connor met Todd Davies while both working as New Look managers. "Having gone across to help her at a shop she was covering I attempted to worm my way in but to no avail," shares Todd. "My attempts to start up some kind of conversation via text message were met with silence. A few months later we were at an area meeting whereby I made sure I was sat by her.... read more

They lived happily ever after

As if it were a romantic fairytale, Faye and Paul's nuptials were classic and elegant. Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected and can take you completely by surprise, that's what happened when Paul confessed his love to Faye. The pair had known of each other through friends and on a night out, Paul let his feeling known. Faye says, "I wasn't attracted to him at first, but agreed to meet up again without alcohol this time, and we both felt there was chemistry between us. We realised we have a lot in common and fell in love."... read more

One fine day for Emma and Suraj

One fine day: Emma and Suraj's wedding was a bright, bold and beautiful day. Emma and Suraj's romance started when the couple first met at work after Emma received her nursing qualification and started working at a new hospital. Little did she know one doctor called Suraj would make a huge impact on her life and become her future. The pair instantly clicked and from that moment their love grew and blossomed into a beautiful relationship.... read more

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