Previous reader polls

Here is a selection of our previous reader's polls and a snapshot of the views of the engaged couples in the West Midlands

For those planning a micro-wedding under the current guidance of 15 guests, which statement sums up how you're feeling?

What is your favoured season for the wedding of your dreams?

For those brides and grooms who've had to postpone their weddings, we'd like to know if you've sent out 'Change The Date' style wedding stationery cards?

With 2020 wedding ceremonies still being postponed, when are you rescheduling your 2020 wedding for?

If Government guidelines allowed flexibility on the current advice of no more than 30 guests at your reception, how would you respond? Increase your guest list instantly? Perhaps you'd err on the side of caution as public health and safety is paramount?

Wedding receptions of up to 30 people have now been given the go-ahead! Will you be planning a lower-key wedding celebration under the new guidance?

Wedding ceremonies of up to 30 people have been given the all-clear from the Government. Will you be marrying under these restrictions?

As wedding businesses begin to re-open, will you resume shopping in person again or has the pandemic changed your shopping behaviour?

With the future of 2020 wedding still undecided, we'd like to know who's still got theirs planned and for which month are you hoping for it to go ahead in?

If lockdown restrictions were lifted, would you rebook your wedding for the closest date possible?