Tried & Tested: New CID Cosmetics

Tried & Tested: New CID Cosmetics: Image 1 Luxurious beauty brand, New CID Cosmetics, was born out of a leading hair, makeover and photography salon. For over a decade it listened to thousands of women coming through the salon sharing their make-up insights. These women felt that make-up shopping can be overwhelming with too many fashion led shades and complicated application tips. Today the brand is still shaped by working make-up artists who listen to what real women need from their make-up.

New CID Cosmetics innovative collection is perfect for brides-to-be looking to create a radiant big-day look. We were delighted to try out its I-prime and I-glow products...

Tried and Tested:
New CID Cosmetics – I-prime, £31.50...


I-prime is the makeup artists secret weapon for flawless foundation application! This silky, lightweight blend of vitamins, advanced collagen boosting ATP molecule and cosmetic polymers can be worn alone or under foundation to increase longevity of base products and smooth the appearance of skin. Oil free and suitable for all skin types. 

“I'm normally quite cynical about primer and applied this under a lightweight foundation not expecting to see any difference. What I actually found was that the silky texture made the foundation glide on and blend easily and it definitely reduced the appearance of my pores giving a fresh, plump complexion.” - Hannah Faulder

“I've used foundation primers in the past and I've often been disappointed with the results, but I'm pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I have quite dry skin so I was worried the foundation would crack but it felt soft and smooth. I found it really easy to use and it lasted most of the day” – Melissa Barker

“Not only does the primer smell divine but when using it, my makeup lasts all day long. Without a primer, I am lucky if I make it to 1pm without my foundation melting off. The i-Prime has a silky consistency and dries super smooth which eliminates the risk of patchiness. The only thing that could top off this particular product by New CID is if they released a perfume in the same fragrance. I'd absolutely have to stock up!” - Beth Morton

“My skin needs all the help it can get in the chilly months and this lightweight serum provided the perfect rescue remedy for my winter-weary complexion. Easily absorbed, it worked wonders on my dry patches and provided a lovely smooth surface for applying foundation giving me an instant boost and a healthier more radiant look. My only whinge is that although the pump dispenser looks stylish, it's clunky and awkward to use.” - Sarah Reeve

“I don't usually use a primer as I don't want to feel as though my face is caked in make-up. However, I-Prime has changed my thought process the silky formula is lightweight and practically undetectable but still really packs a punch when keeping your foundation in place all day. It also didn't flare up any breakouts on my combination skin which is another worry I have - it's become one of my go-to products.” - Annie Cannock

“I loved the texture of this primer. It goes on like a dream. It made such a great base for my foundation, I would actually have been happy wearing it alone as my skin instantly looked more even and smooth. I wear mineral powder foundation so it was interesting to see how it worked with that rather than a liquid version. But I'm pleased to say I found it just as effective, with no greasy residue left behind on the brush and it really improved the finish of the foundation. It also helped my make-up last much longer than it ordinarily would.” - Kelly Andrews

“Firstly, this primer smells absolutely incredible, I don't usually apply scented products to my skin as its quite spot-prone but this primer didn't irritate it at all. A few pumps left my skin super soft with an even skin tone. I always skip the primer stage when applying my everyday make-up but the I-prime created such a smooth base that rest of make-up products had more of a flawless finish – its diffidently opened my eyes to the importance of a decent primer.” - Kay Tilbury

“I used this primer both under make-up and on its own as I was lucky enough to be going away in the sunshine during the 'tried and testing' period! It's easy to apply and felt light on my skin, not heavy and greasy like a similar product from another brand I tried recently. Under my foundation, it felt like my skin had an extra layer to smooth it out and I even braved wearing no foundation and instead, just this primer and some SPF. This worked really well (I was abroad!) which makes me think this is not only ideal for a bride on her wedding day but also on her honeymoon.” - Claire Ridley

Tried and Tested:
New CID Cosmetics – i – glow compact blush
powder with mirror, £27.50...


Drape your skin with highlights with the gorgeous i-glow powders. The innovative and luxurious formula of baked pigments is great for highlighting techniques and to bring radiance to the skin.

Ice Pop - is a demi matte blush with cool pink and lilac pigments for lighter skin tones...

“The I-Glow Blush not only looks gorgeous with is multi-hue swirls, it has good pigmentation, leaving a elegant rosy tone to your cheeks, meaning you will not need to re-apply during your nuptials or worry you will look over done - it's a five star product and worth the investment.” - Annie Cannock

“This gorgeous blusher gave my pale complexion a lift without being too overpowering. It fits perfectly in my purse and the mirror always comes in handy!” - Melissa Barker

“The blusher is packed with gorgeous pink shades bringing shimmer and highlight to your cheeks.” - Kelly Andrews

“I love the marbled effect of this product. When applied, different hues come through for a natural feel. It's quite subtle for daytime, but can be layered up for a stronger evening look. The shimmery texture is perfect for a radiant bridal beauty look”. - Hannah Faulder

Coral Crush - is a luminous peachy coral blush with soft gold sparkle suitable for all skin tones... 

“I love how much bang for your buck you get with this. Not only is the compact visually stunning but the blusher itself is extremely pigmented! Because you only need a small amount daily, this product is going to last you a long time and undoubtedly will become a staple in your make-up bag." - Beth Morton

“This isn't the shade I'd usually go for but I was happily surprised by the instant glow it gave me. The marbleised powder is streaked with a subtle gold shimmer and a gentle dusting with a powder brush gave my cheeks a colour boost, perking up my pale skin immediately. A handbag essential, it's great for a quick pick-me up on a grey day. The compact's nice and robust too, so fingers-crossed, the powder will stay intact longer than my usual blushers.” - Sarah Reeve

Thanks to CID's I-glow I have falling in love with blusher all over again. I do tend to steer clear of blushers in fear of looking like a clown, however the gorgeous coral tone gives the cheek bones such a sublte glow. Although its long-lasting the stylish compact fits perfectly in my bag, should I fancy a little top up when going from day to night.” - Kay Tilbury

“To begin with, I really liked the name of this product, I felt it was very on-trend. Secondly, I adored the look of the powder in the compact, it felt such a glamorous addition to my make-up bag (and trusted shade that I usually use). I didn't want to rub my finger over it at first and ruin it! But I was glad that I did, the shade really suited me (Ice Pop) because I have dark hair and a bit of a suntan at the moment. I can't wait to wear this during summer and like the primer, believe it will make a great big-day make-up bag addition and also a honeymoon lust-have.” - Claire Ridley

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