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Making the right choice

Making the right choice

Q. My partner and I hate having our pictures taken and you won't find a single selfie of either of us on our phones! Do you think we'd regret not having a photographer whatsoever to snap any part of our day?

A. Nicola Gough says: I think most people really dislike having their picture taken, myself included, so you're not alone. I'd say that a photographer is really important on your special day as they are not just taking photos of you two as a married couple, but also your guests, the venue and the details of your nuptials so you get to relive the big day over and over for years to come.

If you're nervous or anxious about the portrait side of things, choose a photographer who specialises in relaxed photography with a more documentary feel rather than one who does lots of staged images. Also, an engagement session can be a good way to break the ice with your photographer. Sometimes referred to as a pre-wedding shoot, this is a short portrait session that most likely lasts about an hour and takes place in the months leading up to your big day. It's the perfect way to have a practice run and you'll get to see how your photographer works and they get to see what you're like as a couple.

The most important thing to remember is to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with; they are the only supplier you'll spend all day with so do your research and choose one who not only creates work that you love but who can put you at ease and make you feel relaxed. The more relaxed you feel, the better time you'll have.

Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

Q. We're having a spring wedding and want to incorporate the season's colours into our cake. Do you have any suggestions on how we can achieve this?

A. Isabel Wass says: Spring signals the start of a fresh new season, a beautiful time of year for couples to tie the knot. It introduces softer, romantic hues, such as blues, pinks, greens and corals, which can be paired with traditional white to create a clean and sophisticated look. This year will also see the trend of ombre-gradient hues, a great way to add a touch of colour to match your style and theme. Plus, metallic tones such as rose gold will still be a top trend and will add a modern and glamorous feel.

The spring palette can also be used on cupcakes, combined with luxurious textured detailing, such as lace to create the perfect vintage theme.

Flavours are also a great way to reflect the changing season, with the use of lighter ingredients such as strawberry and lemon which are perfect for semi-naked cakes adorned with fresh flowers or seasonal fruits.

We strive to work with couples to design and create their perfect wedding bake, incorporating the latest trends and reflecting each couples' style and personality.

A slice as nice

A slice as nice

Q. I'm tying the knot this spring and would love to have my cake decorated with blooms. My friend tells me this isn't a good idea as some flowers are poisonous – is this true?

A. Angela Veronica says: While some flowers are indeed poisonous, professional florists and trained wedding cake designers will alleviate any concerns you may have. If in doubt, opt for fresh fruit and herbs to decorate your masterpiece.

Food for thought

Food for thought

Q. I'm looking for a fun alternative to a three-course roast for my winter wedding – what would you suggest?

A. Jay Jones says: Start with a seasonal table sharing platter with a variety of meats, cheeses, pickles, chutneys and fresh bread – they're always a talking point and a great way to get your guests mingling.

For the main course we specialise in pies. Our favourite for this time of year would be turkey, smoked bacon and cranberry served with red wine gravy, skins on mash, pickled red cabbage and crispy onions for texture. Followed by a winter warming sticky toffee pudding with vanilla custard – delicious.

Come rain or shine

Come rain or shine

Q. We're getting married in a marquee. As the day gets closer, I'm starting to worry about the possibility of bad weather. How do we prepare for this and make sure we still get gorgeous images?

A. Samantha Davis says: With outdoor weddings becoming increasingly popular in the UK and the weather being variable to say the least, it's understandable that this may worry nearlyweds in the run up to their big day. But let me assure you straight away that professional photographers can work in all weather conditions. Our kit can cope with low-lighting without needing to use a big flash gun and if you did need to have your images taken mainly in the marquee you wouldn't be disappointed by the results.

I happened to do an al fresco wedding in a marquee last year in Ledbury. Terri and Scott were over from Chicago and their day went from beautiful sunshine to heavy rain. However, because they'd spent the time making their marquee incredibly beautiful and really put their stamp on it, the images turned out to be some of my favourite from 2018. Plus, we were treated to a beautiful sunset once the weather had settled!

Rest assured, by booking a professional, your images will have all the atmosphere and detail you desire.

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